My K-12 Story!

by Naomi | February 25, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving, Homebound/Medical, Language
My name is Naomi, and I am in 7th grade. K-12 has helped me in a lot of different ways. It has even helped my health. When I was in public school, I got sick a lot. I got sick so much that I received a notice telling me that I missed too many days of school. Because of my allergies and my ability to get sick very quickly, by 4th grade my parents and I decided to find an online school so that I wouldn't be exposed to all the germs and sickness in public schools. My older brothers had been students of CAVA when we lived in CA, but the program hadn't started in TX prior to 2009. As we were looking online for schools, an ad for K-12 popped up on our screen. We we're very excited, as we knew this would be a prefect option. So, of course we enrolled immediately. This is our fourth year with K-12, and it's been working great! I haven't been getting sick anymore, and my allergies have cleared up. I have a twin brother in the program, and we are able to work on challenging assignment together, without all the distractions and interruptions of a noisy classroom. K-12 also makes it possible for me to attend the dance classes I need to have to develop a dance career. I'm a break dancer, and a ballerina. I take hip hop dance class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:15pm to 6:15pm, and Ballet on Thursdays from 6:45pm until 8:15pm. I am planning on attending Julliard when I graduate, majoring in Dance. With a busy schedule, it really helps to be able to be flexible with my schoolwork. Thank you K-12 for making this all possible!
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