The Unhappy Camper

by Jared | April 30, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
Jared's father, Edward S., is submitting in his behalf. I am hot and sweaty, My hiking boots are wet, My legs are very tired, I am lost, I’ll bet. I climbed a giant hill, I almost had a fall; Yesterday, it was raining And it soaked us all. I tipped over in my canoe, That wasn’t very fun; A spider almost bit me I can’t wait until this trip is done. The water tasted bad, It had sulfur in it, I think; A tick is crawling on my shirt And my pen is out of ink. Maybe camping’s not that bad (I got another pen); I need to look at the good parts, Like pitching the tent. So take this as a lesson, In things that you do; Looking at the positives, Makes a happy, smiling you.
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