I Will Recover

by Sadaf | April 29, 2015
From Struggling to Thriving
If you ask me how I’m doing now I would say I’m feeling pretty down You’ll say sorry and walk away And hope I’ll feel better another day I’ll think, why can’t I change the way I feel? Your fortunes I will want to steal So, instead I’ll change the way I think And rewrite my life in better ink That “someday” can be this very moment I can pick my destiny and completely own it I want to get over all of the trauma And be as famous as Obama So my journey begins with this very word I would like my story to be heard So people will know it can be done This is a battle I will have won So do me a favor and wish me luck As I start this journey with a single buck I can do this, I know for sure I will create the world’s best cure People everywhere will know my name As the girl who finally became humane I can now accept me And be as happy as I can be So wish me luck as I bid farewell I’ve got a story I have to tell
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