A Time Of Freedom

by aubree | April 28, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
Morning's soft air, touching everything with such care, Caresses a young face, in a quiet secluded place. Smile planted strong, heart beating on. Only on thing is on her mind, and that, is summer time. A joy reckless and wild, that's been in the heart of every child, now set within her, for there is no cure. Her spirit set free, soars higher than the trees. The books that weighed her down, now thrown on the ground. The rivers cleansed from winter, are now heated for splendor The happiness of knowing, no bedtimes are set, and so schedules to be met. The sun now beating within her veins washes away all her pains. Then without a sound, the sun starts to sink down. so she heads inside, satisfied, until the next time. But her spirit is just too wild and decides to wait awhile, So it stays outside and watches the sun, waiting for what is to come. The birds fall asleep the peepers start to peep, And slowly the sunbeams caressing the mountains, Turn them into splendorous fountains.
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