by Makayla | April 26, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
Joy What hearkens o'er clouds of white? What laughter sings upon the breeze? What whispers hope into my ears? What chases 'way shades of night? Glorious sun, rejoice to see! Dancing wind, so gracefully! Gentle praise, adore to hear! Creamy dawn, wash o'er thee! Brings to my lips, these things of love A joyful smile of purity! Dark lies hath been washed away By the glory of the sun above No need have I for such contempt That haunted frown-filled days long past But bring now a smile to my face I no longer let evil tempt The sun's sweet warmth, the wind's cool song Positive words from neighbors loved A milky dawn awakens now A smile now, to whom I belong
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