Fly High- For School!

by Monica | February 22, 2013
Working Student, Reading
Fly High- For School I am a girl who loves to help her dad at work, as well as fixing airplanes. My name is Monica, I am a farm girl from Northern Idaho who feeds and milks cows every other day. I grew up not having to deal with the trauma that goes on in a brick- and-mortar school, and I'm grateful for that. I have been home schooled my whole life. I've read many stories about teenagers who were bullied and criticized, reading these stories and hearing what they go through makes me grateful for K12. I started K12 in 3rd grade, I had a hard time getting used to doing online school, but over the years I liked it pretty good. Now a 10th grader, I look back on my school days, I am really grateful for it. I took Drivers ED when I was fourteen, then got my drivers license at fifteen. I did this during the school year, having K12 made Drivers Ed possible without falling behind. I have been taking flying lessons, lately I have been going to them everyday for a couple hours, in a couple days I am going to solo. This is very important to me and K12 has made it possible to fit it all in.
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