My Story Of Fantastic Awesomeness!(Am I Getting A Big Head?)

by Isabella | February 22, 2013
Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Math
Hello there! My name is Isabella, but I would greatly prefer it if you would call me by my nickname, Bella. I'm willing to bet that the absolute first thing most of you think of when you here my name, is a sparkly vampire by the name of “Edward”. Am I right? Well if your expecting HIM to be in here, I'm sorry to say that your sadly mistaken. For this is the story of how a Homeschooling program called “Keystone” greatly improved my education and made my life just a tad bit easier. It may sound rather boring right now, but believe me it is anything but! There will be bear wrestling, cheetah taming, and boa constrictor knitting (that's right I said Boa. Constrictor. Knitting.) just in the first few paragraphs. Well.. Okay fine, you caught me! There won't really be any of those things.. But hey, it sounded pretty amazing didn't it? So stop giving me those disapproving looks. Your piratically melting my sole! So I'm going to begin this, anything but boring, story at the only place I know how. The beginning. Not like “baby” beginning, but at the beginning where I learn about this school and enroll! It all started on a hot day in May, or was it June? Nope it was May cause it was two months after my 12th birthday. My family had been going through some tough times during the past year, a divorce, loss of two cherished great grandparents (going exactly a week apart, one being 3 days before my birthday mind you.. Talk about “bad timing”), and my father deciding to have a mid-life crises, take his new girlfriend, buy a Mustang and move hundreds of miles to Ohio. I mean why is it when people have mid-life crisis’s all of a sudden they need a sports car? Why not just buy a horse? I mean they have the same name... And one costs a heck of a lot less! Well anyway, excuse me for getting a bit off track. I tend to do that sometimes, but who doesn't? Anyway, during this duration of time, me and my two siblings had been doing this other homeschooling program called “Peaceful Meadows”. It was an all book program where you had to mail in all of your assignments. Which you can guess was pretty annoying, since me and my family are all black belts in Taekwondo and travel all across the U.S. to compete. So mailing in all those assignments weren't the easiest thing in the world to do as you might imagine. Some of them would be mailed from Florida, others from Maine, maybe even a few from Arkansas. Needless to say are teacher was getting so confused! So we eventually quit that school. But now we were stuck like a pig in quicksand. Why a pig would even be remotely near quicksand I don't know.. But you get my point. We didn't really know of any homeschooling programs where you didn't have to mail everything in. And both me and my sisters liked homeschooling so going to public school wasn't an option! I didn't even consider it. Just like, no, no, no. 4 months later, I was practically dying of boredom from no school at this point, a nice woman my Mom works with at the Hospital told her about Keystone and their programs. We were like hey, why not give it a shot! So we took the placement tests and enrolled. Oh my God, it made everything so much easier! We could now travel without having to schlep a bunch of books and envelopes around with us (there way heavier then you might think..). I could also do my courses by myself and work at my own pace. Which helped me learn and retain more of the information in the courses, especially with Math. I'm not overly well, “fond”, of Math.. *Cringes*. But I'm actually pretty good at it though, which really doesn't make sense since it's my least favorite subject... Well anyway, there is my story! The End! P.S. The picture is of me and my friends at Taekwondo. (I'm the one with the orange hair).
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