by Hannah | April 22, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
With you there, I was never afraid of monsters, robbers, goblins or ghosts. Holding your hand, you were my first prince, your love was my protective mote. You told me the freckles that kissed my skin were my own little constellations. Whenever I was sad or hurt you wiped away each tear with patience. And as I got older and demanded independence, you slowly loosened your grip. But you were close behind, cheering me on with your hands out in case I tripped. Through watching you I learned the true meaning of the word selflessness. And though I never had it all, it didn't matter because you always worked for the best. You have always dared me to soar as high as I can. For your embrace is the softest landing pad. Whatever I change about my body, you will always see right to my soul. You will always see me as your little girl, no matter how old I grow. I know however far I go, you will always be beside me. For your love is not stifled by time, and to your love distance is no bother. The love you have for me is pure and sincere. It is the love of a father. (I am submitting on behalf of my daughter.)
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