Never Losing Hope Means Smiling

by Jannah | April 21, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
(I, as Learning Coach, am submitting this poem on my student's behalf) In a world of struggle and gloom/ Nothing is more beautiful to my eyes/ Than seeing a sunny smile bloom/ On every weary face/ Watching the grin spread/ With grace/ Wiping away sadness/ Replacing it with gladness/ Even in the dreariest place/ A smile is worth a lot/ It shows the courage that you and I have got/ To keep on being brave/ Despite the hardships we might be going through/ We know that to smile is better than to rave/ We know there's hope in what we do/ And that's what makes me smile/ Seeing others being strong/ Whether it's for a little while/ Or very long/ They show me the importance of looking at the bright future/ Instead of the dreary past/ Watching others grin through trouble/ Making their happiness last/ Shows me how to keep my chin up high/ And my smile wide/ No matter what happens/ After all,/ Don't smiles and laughter/ Always bring happiness after?/
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