A garden of delightful moment

by Ayesha | April 21, 2015
I'm breathless and panic-stricken as I flip through pages, I push my dark thoughts into the back of my mind, Reality only unlocks doors to unbelievable nonsense, It's filled with monsters in disguise called 'humans.' I’m lost in a sea of faceless strangers, In the end, we're only walking on a hair strand sidewalk called 'fate.' And that too, will eventually lead us to a dead end. Therefore, I dive into my own fictional world, A world free from all worries and concern, A world where everything is made up, but feels so real, A world that I believe in and have made my reality. Life is like a maze, Instead of getting closer to the exit, the exit dashes on far ahead of us. Life is like a trial, You go through so much, only to receive so little in return. Life is like a camera, Capture the prominent and foremost moments, and if there's a negative moment, then rearrange your angle, and click the shutter again. Life is like a novel, You are your very own author, A new page signals that it's a start of a fresh new day. Open up a book and you shall find the answers to every possible and unsolved mystery, Open up a book and turn all of your dreams and fantasies into reality, Open up a book and become all that you desire. A book is an open stage, And you the reader are its one and only performer. You're the main attraction. The way you choose to express yourself will be the outcome of your performance. Understand its structure and overall beauty, And you shall be rewarded generously. A hundred something pages filled with mystical wonders, Filling each of its readers with different emotions Let it create explosions of colors in your head, Let the words dance along with you and pick you off the ground, Everything is now reversed, I’m falling up. The universe is spinning around my finger tips now. Be the overflowing fountain, not the drain, Be the audible echo, not the barrier, Be the inspiration, and not the dreadful one, In the end, you'll leave every page unturned, In the end, all you'll be left with is a perfectly written novel. The moons halo reflects your thoughts, It stands by us as an innocent bystander, Now sit, and listen to my story, Write out your own life, Never let someone else get hold of your pen, Turn your every word into an extravagant magic trick, Let your dreams soar high, and stand on the roof of the world, Let the world be your canvas, and the rain be your watercolor, Ignore the path of glory and go your own way. Light up your own darkness and pave your own path, And together, we shall laugh under the clouds, Let the winds soar high and sing your tune, Play your dreams out loud, Let the winds kiss your cheek and fly high, Let it sing your melody as the clouds set sail across the vast skies.
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