I'm Joshua and I Feel Nice Now

by Joshua | February 22, 2013
School Environment, People Who Changed a Life, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving
Hi I'm Joshua K. and I'm gonna be honest with you. I wasn't a very good kid before I joined K12. I went to Holmes middle school and I was the guy basically living in the principal's office. Now let me point something out when you read this. You're probably thinking big tough guy who just likes being mean or is just a "big" guy. But the fact is I'm only 5ft 5in and I had a very short temper back then. But now I'm better, so don't think I'm scary. Anyway, if i wasn't at the principal's office for fighting, it was for messing around in class and on occasion, lying to the teachers. I was not a good child. I was always looking for a way to get into trouble just because I could, and I could never stop. I had no friends, my grades were in the toilet, and I always came home with a black eye. Nobody liked me, heck, most everybody was afraid of me except the "cool" kids, but they always tried to stay outta my way. But when I joined K12 I noticed that nobody cared about who you were or what you did. I had people want to be my friends as soon as I entered my first class connect. It was strange for me at first but I got used to it. Then the big thing happened....My grades were actually good! No joke, I had gotten C's and B's. My parents took notice to that straight away and let me do stuff again. But my favorite part so far is the fact that I haven't been hit, kicked, or smashed against a wall in months! Life feels good. I am even starting to make friends with kids from Holmes. At first I wanted nothing to do with them, but we are becoming great friends and some of them I'd even been in fights with. Is that not funny? I just hope I can stay on track and that after reading this I hope none of you decide I'm someone to be avoided. Although I'm still having trouble with kids that still don't like me, I know my life has been better ever since I started going to K12. I plan on coming back to K12 next year, not just because of my grades or my new friends, but because K12 has changed me. I know this sounds kinda stupid, but it's what I think I should say to thank K12 and the teachers for what they are doing for me. I'm also thanking you for taking time to read my story. Thank you.
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