Cyber Shookup My House

by Patricia | February 22, 2013
From Struggling to Thriving, Math
For the years K-6 my daughter struggled in school. She was behind in reading and in math. We were completely trusting of the school personnel and upon their suggestion we put out daughter into the special edu cirriculum to receive learning support services. That system failed my daughter miserably. She was VERY VERY dedicated to her school work and she put forth tremendous effort but with very little return. We decided to try cyber school. Although I am an attorney and my husband is a television producer, we were not comfortable "home schooling" out daughter. Cyber allowed us to keep her at home with us as Learning Coaches without the hassle of "home schooling". What a difference it made. When removed from the everyday chaos and hussle and bussle of brick and mortar school, she flourished. Not only was the schedule much more child friendly (her first class was at 9AM not bus pick up at 7AM) but we were able to utilize all the wasted time in a regular school (like changing classes, study hall etc.) as "catch-up" time and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE. No more tired child in the AM, no more waiting for the bus on freezing mornings, no more trusting my daughter's life to a stranger's driving skills, no more worry that a violent act might occur at school. No more dealing with bad manners of other children (such as the child who comes to school after being abused at home and beats on the other children either emothionally or physcially), no more negative contacts. Cyber school allowed us to remove our duaghter from special edu cirriculum. She no longer needed learning support. Her confidence went through the roof and for the first time ever, I heard my child say "Mom, I am smart". She was no longer shy and she interacts so much more with the other Cyber children than she ever would at brick and mortar school. Children today like to communicate via text and internet; so Cyber school is a perfect match. Plus there are so many chances for live interaction with out of school activities that social interaction should be the least of a parent's concerns. Cyber school is rigorous. My child gets much more instruction time in the core classes, there is no fighting for resources, and the teachers are always available and excited and ready to help. The traditional "Teacher vs. Student" atmosphere that is a part of all brick and mortar schools is not present in Cyber. The teachers are so less stressed that is shows in how they interact with the children. It is a real symbiotic relationship b/t teacher and student with the acquiring of knowledge being the prime concern, not playing head games. The cirriculum is mastery based so my daughter can't slide through topics she doesn't like. She has to master it before moving forward. REAL LEARNING! Although Cyber is a big family committment, we LOVE cyber school. We were only going to participate in Cyber school for one year to get our daughter caught up in reading and math but now our daughter wants to stay. She loves it so much. But there are draw backs. For example, one of my duaghter's new freinds had to leave cyber school and return to brick and mortar school. My daughter was just as sad at losing this contact as she was when a different freind a year ago at regular brick and mortar moved to a different town. Real relationships are formed in Cyber. If Cyber option to public school were removed in PA, my family would be DEVASTATED. That is not an exaggeration. We absolutely could not "home school" and I fear that my daughter would once again be in a system that does not work for her. Thank you.
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