Why I Didn't I Fit in a Public School?

by Sarah | February 21, 2013
From Struggling to Thriving, Reading
Have you ever seen people at school who don’t really fit in the picture? Not that they are the obliviously unusual type but they are seemingly uncomfortable. Well, I was one of those kids. I felt that going to a public school didn’t really meet all my needs as a student. After many years at a public school I have not realized until I was homeschooled that I had left out so many available opportunities and privileges. However, I’m lucky because not everyone has the chance to take the advantage of their life. The teachers there apparently are there to teach, but most of them wouldn’t really care if someone needed a little extra help. They would just move on to their next session, not caring if some people didn’t get the lesson. I desperately needed that extra help and a public school wasn’t solving my problems The kids who were in my surrounding didn’t have a similar personality as I did. All they did was talk about middle school stuffy subjects. Nothing that they did really interested me. Yes, I did feel kind of an outsider, but I preferred to be alone than to try to be apart of them. I didn’t want to be a follower. Even though I proved effective that I could stand my ground, it was getting harder to let my surrounding revolve around me, Being at a brick and mortar school, in my opinion, had more disadvantages than real advantages. As a 7th grader at that time I wasn’t sure if I will pass on to the high school and achieve my goals or my dream career as an archeologist. I felt like all my goals and my accomplishments I wanted to fulfill were a distant dream. I’ve begun to doubt myself. I began to doubt that I was really someone who could control my life. I didn’t fully grasp the concept that I was the only one who can decide what I wanted to make in my life. My life. I was the only who could control. It never hit me that I’ve wasted my previous school years at a public school when I could have benefited so much more using K12. I am now in the 8th Grade, enjoying the time of my life as a homeschooled student. I never knew I could learn so much more at home than at school. I have so much confidence that I will pass on in my education and succeed in my life. K12 is for the winners!
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