The Confidence to Succeed

by Sherry | February 5, 2013
People Who Changed a Life, From Struggling to Thriving, Reading
My son, who has dyslexia and other learning disabilities, went to public school and was bullied, passed along and just overall lost in the system. He had no self-confidence and, in fact, thought he was worthless. When I put him into K12/AZVA, that first year was focused mainly on gaining self-confidence to even answer a question. He was so fearful of calling attention to himself, that he was afraid to try. Through the positive reinforcement and constant encouragement from the AZVA teachers and myself, he slowly started to come out of his shell. This year in AZVA he not only has the confidence to try, he is willingly answering questions, seeking out information and volunteering. He wants to help others succeed. From a kid in special education who doubted whether life was worth living, he is now a confident, happy and focused on what he can do. He is now in National Junior Honors Society and looking forward to high school. With a safe and positive environment, a great support system and one-on-one attention, he is starting to shine. He is now aiming for high goals, planning for college and wants to either be a dentist or a movie director when he grows up. Thank you AZVA for giving me my son back!
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