A Bestfriend and a Cousin

by Ashley | March 31, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
Her heart was always full of gold, no matter how much her body felt cold from the Leukemia. No matter how bad she felt, she always knew how to make my heart melt. Even though Chanel was only 12 years old, she always acted so bold. She's a fighter, and a brave soldier. As the Cancer ate at her bones like a craved disease, she still never lost her laugh or her heart of gold, that always filled me with endless tears, but internal happiness. The day that she passed, almost became my last. I grieved over the loss of my best friend, because the pain would never end. I'm glad she feels no pain now, now she's in a perfect land. I will eternally miss her, until we are together again. In that perfect land, where we will be happy and pain free forever... But until that day Chanel... I will wipe away my tears, and pray to see you when the day comes. My Bestfriend, My Cousin... R.I.P I love you.
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