24 Hour Flavors

by Shelby N. | March 27, 2015
Poetry Contest 2015
My mornings are freshly squeezed lemons drained into the mouths of children, The burning sensation like frigid January air whipping against my face. I would prefer hot chocolate. My afternoons are roasted coffee beans doused with foamed milk and its bittersweet flavor settling onto my tongue, Its warmth radiating throughout my body and aromatic scent awakening my barricaded thoughts. I should've gotten a double shot. My evenings are sautéed shallots and garlic swimming in a sea of sweetened cream, the peppery taste of basil diffusing into the air and filling me with serenity and curiosity. Tomorrow will be a better day. My nights are warm milk infused with gooey sweet honey, Its gentle vanilla scent relaxing my rigid body and sending me pleasant dreams. Sleep tight. I used somewhat of an anapestic foot. I mostly used it on the first lines of each stanza. I didn't know off hand that I was going to use it until I started free writing. I'm hoping that if the first lines of that stanzas can grab the reader’s attention it will bring them into the tone of each one. I tried to compare my emotions of each time of day with everyday foods, such as sour lemons to mornings since I just do not like mornings whatsoever. My nights of sweet milk and honey because nights are also gentle and calm for me.
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