K12 Saved My Family!

by Norlia | February 20, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, From Struggling to Thriving
Imagine your son is trapped in a deep, dark well. You are frantic in your attempts to pull him out. You try everything within your power to save him. The ladder doesn't work because it is not long enough to reach him. The rope fails because he is not strong enough to pull himself up. People passing by are not able to help because they have much more important things going on. Your only choice is to leave the safety of the surface, jump down there with him, and rescue him yourself. I know it sounds dramatic, but that is exactly how I felt during my 10-year-old son’s time in brick and mortar school. He is a bright, sweet boy who loves school. He loved his teacher and his classmates. His teachers, however, did not love that he required extra time and effort to learn what came so easily to his classmates. I received calls and notes several times a month from the teacher, the principal, or both. It was not because he was being naughty; it was because they could not get him focused long enough to learn the material. I reached a point where I came to expect the end of the year meetings with the principal, teacher, and school psychologist for their recommendations to hold my son back for another year. I discovered what he really needed when he was assigned a special helper to focus one on one with him during class. He flourished and easily learned the material! Unfortunately, with budget cuts, that could not last. He told me he was sad that he could not learn as fast as his friends, and that made him feel like he was not as good as them. It tore me up inside to hear my child say those things about himself. I remember more than once finding myself in tears and praying for a miracle to help my child. I decided that I had to do whatever I needed to do to help my son. I gave up my high paying job so that I could focus on teaching him myself. To be honest, I was absolutely TERRIFIED! My son’s teacher and some of the school administrators discouraged me from doing so. My hand was shaking as I turned in the slip to withdraw my children, but I had a peace within my heart that I was making the right decision. After first starting with another program, switching to K12 was like someone turning on the light in a room that was pitch black! My children are actually excited and love going to school now! They love the curriculum and they absolutely adore their teachers, and I do as well. I have zero trepidation as the school day starts because everything is spelled out online as well as in the books. Another wonderful aspect of K12 is the field trips. My children were lucky if they got one in the whole school year at their brick and mortar schools. It is February and we have already been on three! I do not know what my children love more, the field trips, or the chance to see their teachers… I think it’s the teachers! The class connect sessions are exceptional. My 7th grader is taught by her highly trained teachers and spends time with her classmates. I hear her laughing loudly throughout the day, thinking she’s goofing off, only to discover she’s in class! I know my letter is a bit long, and I sound like an overly infatuated school girl with her first crush, but K12 has saved my family. My children are learning, and love doing it. When a threat to enroll my 7th grader back into regular school straightens out her behavior, you know there is something exceptional about the program. I love, love, love my children’s teachers! Whoever was in charge of the hiring process made the right decisions. My children run to their laptops in the morning to see what is on the schedule for the day, and that makes me happy. I am part of their learning, and able to talk regularly to their teachers. I do not regret one second of stepping out of my comfort zone to save my child. It has brought a wealth of blessings and wonderful people into our lives. K12 made all of this possible, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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