Learning What Success Feels Like

by Krista | February 20, 2013
From Struggling to Thriving, English
The only thing my son TJ had known was failure. He didn't think he was smart enough to graduate from high school.One year ago TJ basically gave up on even trying because he was convinced he couldn't be successful. TJ was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression which meant being on daily medication and seeing a counselor. I finally couldn't watch him fail at school any more. I pulled him out of public school almost a year ago and enrolled him in Insight. The first semester TJ passed all of his classes. He has been able to stop seeing a counselor and currently needs no medication. The depression is gone and the anxiety is manageable. TJ is learning everyday what success feels like. He knows he is smart enough to do whatever he puts his mind to. Forever Grateful, Krista Balzer
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