Honest as I can be

by mickey | February 20, 2013
School Environment, From Struggling to Thriving
Hello my name is mickey. I read most of the stories to get an idea and most of them say they were bullied. I can not say the same thing i was never bullied. I use to go to Kapolei High and I absolutely loved it. I love being myself and at that school could be you could say I was popular I know I was well liked but getting to the point. I started off with all A's and B's and I was focused and on track. After the first half of the quarter I started hanging out with upper class man this was a big distraction to me I started going to class late finding excuses to get out of class and when I'm in class you know I was there. Before I knew it fourth quarter was here and I was failing miserably I ended up failing 9th grade and that's when my mom found out about k12. Since Ive been here I feel like a new person because even though I may fall off track sometimes my great teachers always help and guide me back on track. I used to hate K12 and thought it was the worst place ever!!!! Now I love it because found friends and some people from the school I use to go to. I don't know where I would be without K12 saving me. I just want to say thank you... That's my story!
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