by Rachel | February 20, 2013
Breakthrough Moments, Flexibility/Lifestyle
My parents had homeschooled me up through the 7th grade. But then they heard about WAVA. WAVA is part of the school system, but you can still work at home. So technically you're both enrolled in the public school system, but you're doing your work online, at home. Win-win situation! My parents and I agreed we'd try WAVA for one year and see how it went. We could always quit and go back to homeschooling. Quitting WAVA would be a nightmare to me--I'm now a sophomore in high school and I've absolutely loved all three years. I can work at my own pace, and decide what kind of schedule I want for each day. For example, if I'm better at science in the morning and math in the afternoon, that's what I can do--I don't have to stick to a schedule given to me by the school, like that of a brick and mortar school. As long as you get done what needs to get done for that day, it doesn't matter what order you complete your work in. Really the only thing "scheduled" for specific times are the live sessions, where you can correspond with both teachers and classmates online. WAVA presents the material in a couple different ways, appealing to both those who are more visual and those who are prefer to just read the content. Speaking of material, you're sent the materials you'll need for the school year (except for perhaps a book you need in Literature that you can get from your library...). For example, in the 8th grade, we did Life Science, so I was sent a big box of science materials, that included a microscope--all for free! (The picture shows the result of one of the labs we had to do in 9th grade. It's a thermos!) The teachers are absolutely wonderful. They're always willing to help, and like to stay in communication with the students to see if there's any problems or questions. All the teachers I've had have teached for years, either in a brick and mortar school, or online. All are very knowledgeable about the material they're teaching. The last thing I'd say would be about making your own schedule again. You can start your work at 5 o'clock in the morning, 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It doesn't matter what your personal schedule is for the day as long as the assigned work for that day is completed. The site is open 24/7 in the school year. The ability to make your own schedule also helps to learn organizational skills.
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