by Kenneth | February 20, 2013
School Environment, Non-traditional Learner, Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving, Homebound/Medical, Language
Jorden and I escaped a harmful environment which was confusing his understanding of authority. He was suspected to be ADD and because of a lack of positive direction through correction he was becoming a bully. A problem becoming epidemic in that district. He hated going to school and had no desire to learn. So, I home schooled him for the next two years following the recommendations from HERO, although he was being taught, he was not pressured academically with the exception of math. Once I saw the desire to learn return I began seeking a good curriculum. My daughter suggested and we decided to try OVCA. Even though he did not finish the third grade, we felt with what he had learned over the previous two years, we could start him back in the fifth grade. OVCA offered the structure Jorden and I both needed and enabled me to track his progress with a great curriculum . There were some difficulties in enrolling but, special circumstances often cause delays. The result was Jorden started late and it took some months for me to get acclimated so his first quarter was promising but not where we hoped to be. However Jorden determined to not only pass every class but catch up to the school's original start date. With a minimal amount of external motivation not only did he catch up but, managed to attain Honor Roll with Academic Excellence. To top that off he is becoming a fine young man. How could I be prouder.
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