My School Is Awesome Because...

by Easton | March 15, 2015
Why My School is AWESOME
My school is awesome! It offers top notch academics, flexible locations, and amazing people. The curriculum is both challenging and fun. There are plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning. Plus games activities and field trips to keep it cool. It also offers great electives like music, art, and foreign languages. "Parlez-vous Français?" Although my primary location for schooling is at home, in our school room, I can also take my studies tons of other places and, pajamas are optional! One of the biggest perks to my school, the people! I have an awesome teacher. Our class connect sessions are packed with learning. She is there whenever I need her. I also get to work with my mom, AKA "Learning Coach!" She's the best! When I'm learning, my siblings are learning too! What's not to love about my school!? It's challenging, flexible, and fun!
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