Our Agora Family Story

by Janine | February 19, 2013
School Environment, Homebound/Medical
I have two sons in Agora Cyber School and am so thankful for what Agora can do for my sons. My 17-year-old (expelled and bored with homeschooling) is doing well academically. Fellow students can't/don't give him a hard time about doing well. He has a better attitude and is more responsible. My 12-year-old has medical issues and the local school district would not provide therapies for him this year unless he attended school. He attended school 15 days last year. Agora is sending four types of therapists to the home and the online teacher is working with us. I would be heartbroken if the Cyber School could not maintain the high level of service they have been providing. Agora communicates and updates me regularly. I feel I am more involved in my children's education. They have a variety of workshops that help me be a better parent. They make improvements all the time. I feel I can ask the teachers or staff questions. Cyber School has got to be the education method of the future. I am so thrilled we discovered it.
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