Brick and Mortar Not For Me

by Nora | January 8, 2013
School Environment, Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving
I'm the type of girl who doesn't enjoy being trapped in a stuffy building with a bunch of immature, rude, and disrespectful teenagers five days a week, every week. I didn’t like all of the gossip, and petty drama at my local brick and mortar public high school. Not to mention, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get on a bus with a bunch of older kids (seniors and juniors) and have them ridicule me for no reason at all and call me vulgar names. It was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. My algebra class was terrible. A lot of students were failing, and the teacher was mean and impatient. Math is my hardest subject and having that teacher made it even worse. This wasn’t the only class where the teacher needed improvement, either. I am so grateful for being able to attend Agora, the best cyber school ever! All of my teachers care and are involved. I don't have to be criticized and ridiculed every day in school. I get to be in the relaxing comfort of my own home. I now have a fantastic math teacher, Mr. McNulty, and extra math help sessions are offered if I don't understand something. I have so many extra opportunities to receive help with my school work and I am able to focus more on school because I'm not constantly stressed about what someone said to me in the hallway or too embarrassed to ask a question in front of the class. I'm allowed to use the restroom when I need to go and not be questioned. I am able to take a break and step away from my laptop for a second if I become stressed about a problem or assignment. I am still involved in sports and I still go out and do things with my friends. My grandparents live in Florida and I am able to go visit them without missing school as long as I have internet connection. It's amazing, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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