Our Choice for a Virtual Academy

by Jamie | February 18, 2013
School Environment, History
Hello! I'd like to tell you our story. When I was 18 I had worked with a family that was homeschooling their 3 sons. Their middle child was in 3rd grade and couldn't read so they pulled them all out. I knew then, that when I did have kids of my own I wasn't going to put them into a system that lost them or overlooked them. I had heard of K12 through a postcard that was addressed to a previous tenant. I researched the program and was impressed with what they offered. I told my fiance about it and he was onboard with the idea. Two years later my first child was born. All the while I was keeping an eye on the growth of CAVA-K12. When my son was finally school age there was never a doubt in my mind where he was going to school. At home with K12. We loved the program and a year later when my 2nd child was school age he started K12, as well. Four years later, I am now a mother of four. I now have my stepdaughter in the 10th grade using the high school program, my first born in 3rd grade, my second born in 2nd grade, my friend's daughter in Kindergarten, and my youngest preparing to start Kinder this fall. Schooling 5 kids of different ages has it's challenges, but with the rewards, I wouldn't have it any other way. My 10th grader is passing her classes with a lot of hardwork and determination. My 3rd grader is taking Latin and his favorite subject is Science. My 2nd grader's favorite subject is History and can't wait to take French next year. My preschooler is reading already. And my friend's Kindergartener is always blowing her parents mind with the things that she learns in school. K12 has given us a wonderful 4 years filled with; outings to the zoo, the aquarium, museums, missions, tidepools, parks, science centers, farms, agriculture exhibits, plays, etc. Through K12 we've been involved in science fairs, book fairs, art competions, essay competitions, Alex's Lemonade Stand Fundraiser, holiday parties, etc. We love it and look forward to next year!
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