The brain is like gear work

by Emerson | October 23, 2014
Art Competition 2014, Science
My heroes are the neurologists around the world! I think it's amazing how anyone has come to the point of working on the brain, the most complex organ that makes your whole body function. It is very admirable how hard neurologists work during surgery. They have to stay up for hours on end, and be precise while during every moment. I've always wanted to be a neurologist ever since I was young. My great Grandma had Alzheimer's, and it broke me and my family member's hearts. I wanted to be able to study the disease, along with many other diseases, and perhaps be able to find a cure. My artwork shows 3 hands extending to a young lady's brain with scalpels and other tools, while one other hand uses a can of oil to lubricate the gears. The gears represent the intricate brain wiring, and how it is similar (in ways) to the way the brain works.
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