Striving in Academics And Athletics!

by Kendall | February 14, 2013
Athletics has a history of importance in American society. Being an avid varsity athlete in basketball, soccer, wrestling, football and baseball is a very hard thing to do for some. However I strain to excel in academics so it holds me back from my athletic spotlight. My family and I have been praying for a program that will help me become a varsity academic learner. Since God is good, He showed us K12 and it captured our hearts instantly. K12 has helped me in so many was and has made me become a good student. It also gives me the one on one learning time I need, as well as extra training time for my sports. K12 has made me aware of becoming more interested in pursuing not only a successful athletic career, but a successful academic career. My attitude on and off the field or court and at home with K12 is beyond fault. Whether I'm at home studying or training for a championship game I give myself to God's authority. I respect my teachers, coaches and competitors out of my respect for the Lord. Due to this awesome program I can give my all in academics and athletics. I have found new confidence in my school work. As well as my confidence in K12! The results of my amazing efforts is greatness because of K12!
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