Simple Blessings through Home Learning

by lori | February 14, 2013
School Environment, Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle
Let's face it; we live in a FAST world. The typical schedule is go, go, go! We wanted to slow things down for our children. All of the driving and schedules was causing us to disconnect from what's really important in life. Last year, our daughter started asking us to school at home. We looked into K12 and were thrilled with our options. We love our flexible schedule and all of the support. The curriculum is top notch and with excellent teachers, I never feel alone in this learning journey. We are able to spend more time on our farm and with each other, connecting in a way that works for our family. With attentive teachers, baseline testing, assessments, and access to K12 24 hours per day, I KNOW that my children are receiving a quality education and that they are on target. We are 100% happy with our K12 experience on ALL levels! It helped us SLOW down our daily pace and take charge of our own schedules. Thank you K12!
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