Making Order out of Chaos

by Caitlin | September 6, 2014
Mission: Possible Contest, Advanced Learner, Bullying, From Struggling to Thriving
Ever since I started 1st grade I've had difficulties with public school. I live in a small town where a large majority of the people are close minded. I've always been a bright, poverty struck, different child; and as the saying goes, "The nail that is sticking out the farthest is the one to be nailed down." As all stories with a child who's special go, I was belittled by my peers. Due to my harassment, I came to despise school. I refused to do my homework, classwork, or even really pay attention whatsoever. I would hide in the library or class during recess and read. When I was told to go outside, I dreaded it. The bullying made me afraid to go to school. I developed depression and insomnia at a young age. I also wished to learn at a better pace and level for me. I've always needed someone to hold my hand through all schoolwork I did. I didn't know this though. I refused help and got insulted when people helped me. I kept trying to get my grades up. I was smart, but my grades always consisted of 'F' and 'D-'. I was always hesitant to try homeschooling, but when when I joined K12, I was greeted by kind people and found myself feeling welcomed, not forced to school. I joined this year, yet, I feel I've already made improvement. I've always wanted to learn a second language. I even self-taught myself at least one word in about twenty languages. When I found out I could take another language that didn't require me to be in high school and that wasn't only Spanish, I was ecstatic! My goals for this year are: to get a better education than my local school can offer, hopefully improve my grades to B or higher, develop an actual enjoyment of school, make friends with similar interests, increase my testing to an extraordinarily high level so that I have a better chance of getting into college and a good career, and maybe get some things done I've needed to work on for the past maybe seven years. I've always seen school as my biggest restriction in life. I want to become an artist and a writer. I might even attempt to work with computers. I've wanted for so long to be an actress as well. I do not wish to become overly popular or famous. I only wish to bring others joy. I believe that K12 may help me achieve these goals. I already feel as if I've learned more in the past week than I ever have learned in a month of my previous school. I also really enjoy that I have such a flexible schedule. If I suddenly have an appointment for something I can drop what I'm doing and come back to it later. I have a lot of time in the day to do pretty much anything I want and or need. My learning coach and I are still getting the hang of things; but I think we will soon be making great progress. I believe that winning this Microsoft Surface™ Pro would be an opportunity for enriching myself. My home only has one computer other that the school's loaner and it's shared by five people 24/7. From what I've heard about it, I think it would be really helpful. It would really help me with my learning. It might even help me talk to my friends. I'd really like to win this contest. If I don't though, I hope that whoever does win enjoys, cherishes, and takes good care of the Microsoft Surface™ Pro.
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