K12, Because I Love It

by Nevada | February 13, 2013
Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving, Advanced Learner
Until third grade my parents taught me. Then... my mother found K12. The first year was a challenge, in part because we were new to the program and in part because we found that I was a year behind in math, and I had to work hard to catch up. Every year since, though, it has been easier and more fun. I have discovered that I love math, and I really like that I have teachers who can help with problems. I am sure that K12 has given me more time with my family (sometimes too much time :), and it has given me freedom so that I can help out, snowshoe, go on hikes and still complete my work. Without K12 I would have a very different lifestyle. I am very glad that my parents chose K12, because I love it. Thank you.
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