How NVVA/K12 Has Changed My Life

by Adisson | February 13, 2013
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When I was younger (Elementary school) I had a rough childhood. I moved about five times in less than two years. After a bad break-up with an abusive man, my mother became a vicious alcoholic who beat and emasculated me for four years. I wouldn't do my homework because I just couldn't. I was too worried about whether or not I would come home to a passed out mother lying on her back and have to turn her on her side, or an angry mother who would take out her resent for her lost mate on me. In 8th grade I tried an online school called Nevada Virtual Academy, and it helped. What were last year’s grades (D's and F's) are now A's, B's and C's. This is a huge improvement for me because I've never felt like I was worth it to make the effort to get good grades. This school has helped me through a lot in the past year and I can’t thank its wonderful staff enough for that. The teachers are amazing and are always there to help, plus the live classroom sessions give that feel of interaction like a public school would. If there's one thing I've learned from this school is that you can't give up on your dreams or on yourself because you are worth it. You are special and you do mean something. Don't give up because if you work hard it will pay off well in the end. My name is Adisson, and this is my story.
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