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by Colton | June 18, 2014
Success Story 2014
Hello. my name is Colton. This was my first year at OHVA. The reason I wanted to go to online school is that i'm a very shy person it was really hard for me to do presentations and things of that nature. Once I hit middle school my grades were hard to keep up with and it seemed like the teachers did not give enough one on one time to help me improve on my grades; to me it was like if they do not care than why should I. Since I started OHVA my grades have improved tremendously and i'm able to do more productive things with my time. The teachers at OHVA seemed to care about my grades and how I was doing and offered a tremendous amount of their time to make sure I understood every lesson. I was really thankful for my homeroom teacher as well for he has offered so many words of encouragement and I felt like he was at my level and understood what I needed to succeed academically. It has been a wonderful year at Ohio Virtual Academy and I look forward to many more years to come. I will be strive to be not just a student at Ohio Virtual Academy,but an Exceptional and Honored student at Ohio Virtual Academy. I will be someone my little brother can look up to and follow in my footsteps for I plan to do many wonderful things with my life and having the proper education is where it begins. Thank you, Colton
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