The essay that changed my life

by Nicole | June 9, 2014
Success Story 2014, Breakthrough Moments, History
Being at k12 for nearly two years now, I thought I had seen it all... Until high school came. Balancing three honors classes, learning a new language, and dealing with all the other problems that plague teenagers, I had a lot on my plate. One particular essay, however, proved itself to be the most difficult feat I ever accomplished in my young life. There it was, sitting in my history folder, smirking at me. I just knew the menacing thing was whispering, “You can run, but you can't hide...”. It was time for me to fight the battle of my life; Tackle the biggest essay I ever laid eyes on. I couldn't delay any longer. I sat down at my desk, wondering how I'd survive this task. It was quite a battle, the essay fought hard. For about an hour and a half I converted outline into essay, sentence by sentence, word by word. I probably wrote the words “Philippine-American war” a bazillion times. Until, finally, the deed was done. I had finished. There was much editing and revising to do before it was ready, but the hardest was over. I jumped out of my seat, eyes still woozy from an overdose of essay, and burst through the door to outside freedom. It was the greatest feeling to be able to see green leaves, feel the sun kiss my cheeks, and the wind caress my hair again. Then it dawned on me. I had just succeeded in, according to me, the impossible. Before I came to k12, completing that essay would have never even been thinkable. There it was, right in front of me, living proof that the right school changes everything. I knew that if I can believe in myself and succeed with the small things, like an essay, I can succeed in the big things, like finishing high school, going to college, and making a wonderful life for myself. One essay, grade, and dramatic account of an assignment at a time, I will make it. With the help of my supporting, stress-free school, I can reach for the stars.
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