Totally worth it :)

by Candace | June 9, 2014
Hi, I'm Austin's Mom. We had a great year at the MNVA for first grade. Austin had previously had some significant medical set backs in his educational development between preschool and kindergarten. He'd been regularly struggling with severe asthma and allergies which were keeping him out of school and wearing him out. Then we found out that he'd been having absence seizures and had Epilepsy. So we had to start the process of finding a treatment plan that would keep his seizures under control. Between the seizures, the juggling of medications( which kept losing effectiveness), the asthma/allergies, and the nonstop doctors appointments; Austin was exhausted. School was hard enough, then we started a new treatment which both helped and made things more difficult for him. He went on the Ketogenic diet. This is a high fat ratio, set calorie diet. All of his prepared meals and snacks are weighed out to have the right ratio of fat to other nutrients and the exact amount of calories. No outside foods or drinks. This meant next to no fast foods, processed foods, or sugars. Which is really hard on a kindergartener who has to watch all of his peers enjoying those foods and treats around him. He struggled, and snuck a little food for a while. But it was worth it in the end. The diet worked!!! His seizures got under control and he was finally able to fully function at school. Kindergarten had still been quite the struggle and Austin had become developmentally delayed. So, we signed up for k12/MNVA. Austin started out at about a pre-kindergarten functioning level in first grade. But Austin finally had the energy to learn, and he did. The staff built an adaptive fun plan that kept him challenged enough to catch up with his peers, and the one-on-one learning environment at home really helped him soak up every little bit of knowledge which he had the potential to learn. It's been an amazing journey. He loves reading and history the most. The development from next to no ability to his now working comprehension of reading, writing, and math have completely blown me away. He even graduated from his IEP. I really don't think he would have made it this far without k12. I am so proud, and also very thankful that we had this option. Thank you so much k12/MNVA!!!
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