This school year was AMAZING... I love K12!

by Abigail | May 29, 2014
Success Story 2014, Advanced Learner, Bullying, Flexibility/Lifestyle
My name is Abby and I owe everything to K12 and my family. This has been my first year with K12 and I am definitely returning to the amazing program. I went from being bored at school to thriving at K12. Through the Cambridge Academy I am allowed to be challenged in my K12 courses and take part in encore classes with friends. Friends that also enjoy to be challenged and others that understand our course work and any challenges we might have. As well as the awesome teachers who would respond promptly and help me by giving me links, power points and other helpful references . They even gave me a call to welcome me to the program and work out any problems I had. Not only has K12 improved my learning experience but it has given me a bully free environment. Unlike my old school where I was bullied for my academic success, race and love for knowledge. A place where I felt alone and unwanted. Thanks to K12 I feel welcome, wanted and cared for with the pace and challenges I need academically.
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