Jimmy's Story

by Ahtia | May 28, 2014
Success Story 2014
My son, Jimmy, went to a small private school for Kindergarten. He did well there, but I was worried about putting him in public school as the private school did not go past kindergarten. His teacher suggested K12 for him for us to check out, as she didn't think he would do well in public school either. We enrolled this last year for first grade, and when he took his fall placement tests, he scored below national average. Last week, he took his YETs, and scored over national average. He learned to read, write, and do arithmetic with a score of 90 or better average. I never have to worry about him getting lost in a class of 30+ kids and not learn because he is a typical 7 year old squirmy boy. I never have to worry about him coming home upset because he was teased by other kids about his physical disabilities (he was born with severe bilateral club feet and he doesn't walk or run like kids his age). He is very proud of what he has learned and accomplished, and is very excited to be a part of ORVA/K12 again next year.
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