by Angela | May 21, 2014
Success Story 2014, From Struggling to Thriving, Reading
My son Jason was diagnosed with dyslexia in the beginning of his third grade year. As heartbreaking as this was, it was also a relief. He had struggled with school from the start and was falling further and further behind without much help from the brick and mortar school system. Yes, they did offer help but a small class of five children for an hour a week just wasn't cutting it anymore and his other subjects were starting to be effected as well. We chose K12 because of the great results that some other family members have had and because of the strict structure. Since Jason started in 2nd grade we have progressed rapidly! He started 2nd grade with a below kindergarten reading fluency. Now as we are nearing the end of his 3rd grade year he has accomplished a reading fluency of a student at the end of their second grade year!!!!! THIS IS HUGE! We still struggle as a team. Some days are better then others. And no we are not up to grade level...YET. But we are progressing. His confidence is through the roof and I couldn't be happier. He enjoys reading now. It isn't so daunting or dreaded. And as a mother and learning coach, I couldn't be more proud. Thank you K12.
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