A Life Changing Experience

by Jinitta | February 13, 2013
School Environment, Family Values, From Struggling to Thriving, Math
When I first head about K12 from a friend on Face Book I thought that it was a really neat idea. I was interested in it because I go to college online and have been since 2007. I was also wanting to find another alternative for my children in their educational venture as well. My kids are my life and it hurt everyday when they came home crying because they were being bullied in school and after at the bus stops. They were called names and beat up as well. Not child like beating up, I am talking black eyes and bruises. I was tired of my children, who loved school at one time, crying and begging me not to make them go to school because their teacher (special ed at that) was yelling at them, literally. I tried calling the school, I had meetings to see if we could end all this or fix it, but to no avail. I was simply mortified at the schools behavior and the school trying to convince me that they didn't have a bullying issue. It had been an ongoing thing. At one point I tried homeschooling them, and it was going well, but they missed interacting with other kids, so I caved and put them back in public school. I cannot being to tell you how happy I was, and how blessed I felt, when I heard of K12 and what they could do for my children. No longer would teachers yell at my children, no longer would other kids have the opportunity to put their hands on my children and would they have to fear any of this. I called right away and got them into open enrollment as well as fought the school here that didn't want to let them go. I won! I am so grateful to K12 for everything, especially to know they help challenged children with special needs. My 9 year old has Asperger's Syndrome which is part of why he was being beat up, but not anymore. My children are happy to go to school. My children want to learn again. My children's grades have greatly improved as well. They started WIVA barley knowing how to add or subtract, and my oldest (who is in 4th grade) was at a 5K reading level. He is not getting back up there at a 3rd grade reading level. They can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and are even doing geometry and getting it!! They are proud of themselves as I am in them. I cannot even put into words the feelings of joy and gratitude I feel for the K12 schools and all they have done for me and my family. I think anyone interested in going should not hesitate and I promise you will see a huge difference if you take this step
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