You've Got A Friend in Me

by Deanne | May 16, 2014
Submitting for Emerie Uemura, Grade K, Age 6 Emerie's success story is more than a story, it's a triumph in itself. Emerie started out in public school during a rocky point in her life and always struggled with self esteem problems but academically was ambitious. She made friends here and there, a couple of keepers too, but it was a challenge for her at times. It came to a point after being humiliated by her public school teacher that I turned to CAVA. With all the resources and outreachings from CAVA and the loving support of her teacher, Emerie's enrollment in CAVA has been a huge success. She throughout this semester has always gotten awards; some for earning all her study island ribbons for the year, some for academic achievement, and most recently...2nd place in her Science Fair for grades K-2! She is thriving and enjoying learning and our relationship (I'm her mommy) is a blessing to me every day. Emerie has made some pretty amazing friends in her short time at CAVA; relationships that will grow as she continues to embark on this journey of learning. She's pretty stoked about how well she's doing and how far she has come, she is overcoming her fears and I am one happy mama!
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