learning coach/mother

by chenita | May 7, 2014
Will my story began when I first seen the commercial. My twins were going to a public school's here in Pleasanton,Ca . And at the time Pleasanton was not ethically friendly to other ethic groups and cultures. Most of the teacher were ethically bias to all children of color and to children of other nationality. I went endlessly to the school district, and I was very vocal about what I had seen done to other children as well as my own. Because I was so vocal about my feelings regarding the treatment of all kids. My children were singled out. There is a lot of adult bullying and intimidation at these schools in Pleasanton,ca My own son was bullied in the 3rd grade by a adult woman. And I seen a p.e teacher yelling at the top of his voice at a 1st grader, and when I reported it. The only thing that was done was my kids were even more singled out. The Pleasenton schools said my son had learning disabilities and placed him in special day classes. Years and years my kids were picked on until 2013 when my twin daughter started having anxiety attacks and no longer wanted to go school. I had enough I felt there was nothing else I could do. Then took a chance, and enrolled my daughter in to K 12. My daughter excelled she mastered everything , and was so proud of herself. When she went back to public school in 2014, she was places in all advance classes , and got straight As. Remember at the beginning of my story I told you about how ethically unfriendly Pleasanton schools are. My daughter had a teacher who felt she did not belong in her advance math class, And this teacher picked on my daughter daily. One day my daughter came home with a score of 100% on her math test. My daughter should have been happy about this, but instead she was very sadden . The teacher had blurted out loudly to the other student that she thinks my daughter cheated. My daughter was the only African American in the class room.Then they call the Cpa and told them my twin son was homeless. The Cpa seen that it was not true and apologized for any inconvenience. K 12 has treated me with dignity and when my daughter took her stars test it was so many different ethic groups and friendly faces I was amazed. My daughter even made friends, the parents were awesome. Now both of my twins are enrolled in K12 and my son who the Pleasanton school district labeled learning disabilities is now mastering all most all his geometry and mastering most of his other courses. My daughter she loves it. My son says mom I want to stay in K12, because the teachers at the Pleasanton schools made him feel dumb, he said mom' they did not show me how to do the math assignments the right way. When I show him the math before he does it he says it looks hard. Than after he learns it , He is so so proud of his self. Thank you K12 for changing my fears into joy and happiness. The K12 teachers are different from the public school teachers. They remind me of the old school teachers who truly cared about the student regardless of race. I remember my teacher use to pull me close to her and teach me personally, and i got it. The K12 teachers really do care about the students. They make sure you have everything you need for your child. I am so happy now. And I am looking forward to my children graduating from K12. Chenita- Learning coach.
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