The Crocus Pond

by Michaela | April 29, 2014
Poetry Contest 2014
Around the pond the crocus grow Forming an ungainly row Mother Nature sows the seeds Of the crocus among the weeds How often the white fish leaps Upon her colorful prey that creeps Back down to the water “Splash!” Thrusting up a water sash “Crack!” the beaver fells a tree Already having chopped down three He deposits his heavy load And slips beneath his crude abode Slowly coming out of the trees Two deer cautiously freeze Walk haltingly down to the water’s edge And bed down behind the hedge The dragonfly is the first to fly Around the pond upon the sly Careful only to be seen Against the suns heavenly sheen He slowly slithers up the rock Sits royally and seems to mock The way the waters ripple and break This is the way of the gardener snake The turtle waddles through the grass Unhurriedly parting the green mass Slipping in the water at the bight Planning to sleep all through the night The angry raven screams his cry To the clouds up in the sky Watching the sun gently descend Ready for the day to end The red robin slowly ambles Over to the prickly brambles Unhurriedly he greets his mate Who scolds him for being late Waiting for the night to fall The owl makes his impatient call Reluctant to hunt while it’s still light Eager to hunt all through night From each rose the humming bird flits Never wanting to patiently sit Even though she has flown all day She loves to fly around the bay As the day comes to an end The cricket comes out to send His song across the water’s waves The poignant mood this action saves All these creatures have a bond With the water in the pond It helps them to forget the strife While remembering the joy in life
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