My Story

by Sarah | February 12, 2013
From Struggling to Thriving
When I was ten years old, I moved to Ajo, Az to live with my Aunt and Uncle. Life as I had know it had changed. Now I was going to have to make new friends and go to a new school. For about 2 years, I went to the public school but I wasn't doing so well. Kids were being mean to me and the teachers were not doing anything about it. So I was pulled out and started home school. I thought that was the solution to my problems. But in the program I was doing, I felt like I was not succeeding. Then I found out in order to go to college, I would have to get my GED. Turns out the school I was doing had a prejudice against my religion and wouldn't not grade my work. So when I heard of K12, I thought it was a good school but I was hesitant to do it. At first I was just going to go in order to receive my high school diploma. I didn't really plan on making any friends. But right away on my first day of school, I made tons of friends. Immediately I knew K12 was the best choice. Since I was doing really well in K12, my learning coach decided to in role her two oldest boys since they were going to the same school I was. And ever since then, they are excelling and doing well. My family is really happy for me doing an online program where I can actually go to school functions like prom. They cant wait to see me graduate with a high school program. For the first time, I feel like I can truly succeed with school and do my best. K12 has shown me that I can do anything with the help of my teachers. K12 has also shown me that I can graduate and succeed in life. So thank you K12! Thank you for having an online school where I can graduate and help my little cousins have a safe and fun school to go to.
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