Loving School now that I'm in CAVA

by Jason | February 12, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, Reading
My schooling with CAVA began 7 years ago. I was in 1st grade in a brick and mortar school and was being bullied by my classmates and my 1st grade teacher. I hated school and even though my mom talked to the teacher and the principal 4 times throughout my 1st grade year and tried to deal with the bullying and the fact that I was falling behind in math and reading the school told my mom to just accept it and they would re-evaluate it in the fall. My mom requested several times for them to test me for reading and math and they refused. Even though they finally assigned a teacher that I had in kindergarten to do reading with me 2x a week for 30 min. for 4 weeks I continued to struggle. My mom even asked to have me tested for ADD or ADHD and they refused stating I was to young. At the end of my first grade year my mom pulled me out and starting thinking about home schooling me. I was eventually tested (thanks to my parents) as being ADHD so I struggle to stay focused but this school has made it exciting and fun so I can get things done much easier. Just before my family went to go camping in Petaluma, CA my mom got a flier about CAVA and a end of the year celbration that we could attend in order to see if the home school program would fit our needs. We attended the celebration and I liked the staff I met and the kids were really nice. After thinking about it for a few days my mom and dad enrolled me into CAVA and I have excelled ever since. When I first started I wasn't reading at a kindergarten level or doing 1st grade math. But after being homeschooled for several years I was able to get back on track and am now I am in 8th grade and am getting all A's and B's. Thanks to CAVA and the wonderful teachers I am now succeeding and making the grades I knew I could. If it weren't for home school I would just be another student in the brick and mortar schools who would be falling through the cracks and being bullied with no one doing anything to help me be all that I can be.
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