The Doll and the Sea

by Loyalty | April 26, 2014
My child and I were going to the Sea. “The Sea! The Sea!” She giggled, excited. I smiled a constant, stitched-up smile, All the while Wondering, What is a Sea? My child and I walked up to the Sea. She exclaimed, “Isn’t it pretty?” While I stared through my button eyes. The world I lived in before Now suddenly seemed Very small. The life I led before the Sea Never prepared me for the constant moving sapphire With the occasional drops of pearl. My child played all day As I watched with my constant, stitched up smile. But when the sky lit on fire My child left me By the Sea. The sapphire turned black And the pearls turned gray As I smiled my unwavering, stitched-up smile. But suddenly she returned. My child returned Hugging me tight as she wept And so We went home and slept And dreamt in our beds. And I dreamt of the beautiful, frightening Sea.
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