The Sapphire Brook

by Dana | April 25, 2014
Poetry Contest 2014, English
Leaping, skipping along the path That led to the forest's brook, The Summer's wind whipping through the trees, And behold, they trembled and shook. Emerald leaves glittering in the sky, Golden rays like honey fine, Illuminated the Sapphire Brook Winding ever so serpentine. I lowered my vessel into the brook Convinced it would sail well, With Summer's wind, strong and fair, The sail began to swell. The little vessel pushed forward Its bow beaming with pride- With baited breath I watched the boat Bob, dip, glide. But the sinuous brook was serpentine In many more ways than one, For with basilisk spite it swallowed my boat, And lo, The Journey was done. Despairing I searched for the fallen warrior, My efforts futile, in vain. And the Sapphire Brook, to me it seemed, Forbidding, Menacing, My Bane. I imagined my vessel in the trench of the brook, Trapped there forevermore. And this terrible thought clawed the depths of my soul, My grieving heart it tore. Never again will I look at the brook As a sea of sapphires fine- Instead I'll see the gurgling rill, As my Vessel's grave and shrine.
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