The Lake

by Hope | April 25, 2014
Poetry Contest 2014
The Lake: At the summer lake, Child laugh and they play. They have not a care in the world. They splash and they splash, And they may dunk a few heads, Or they may have a water fight. There at the summer lake, Memories are being made. A couple may share a first kiss, Friendships might be made, Water will be splashed, People will get soaked, And fun will be had. At the summer lake, It’s not just water that fills it, But memories, Years of people swimming in it, Years of child playing, And yet it still lays calm, Until someone comes along to have fun. Someone may toss a stone, And watch it skip, Leaving brief ripples as it goes, And they may wonder if the memories shall last forever, Or shall the memories disappear in a moment like the ripples? Alas, the memories being made, At that summer lake, Skip across the water so quickly, So fast that you barely see the ripples, But the stone does stop, And the stone does sink. But when you go home, From that summer lake, You remember the fun you had, As you skipped that stone, As child laughed and they played, As memories were being made, There at that summer lake. By Hope
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