The Deep Ocean Life

by Rachel | April 24, 2014
Poetry Contest 2014, Science
I am submitting this poem on behalf of my second grade son, Sage B. He attends UTVA. We tried uploading a video, but it wouldn't work. He wants to says "Water makes me think of the ocean, and so the ocean inspired me". The Deep Ocean Life Below the surface you can’t see, Predators roaming oceans free. The Fang-Tooth, down in complete black, Looks around for a shrimpy snack. The Hairy Angler seems to wait For the Fang-Tooth to get fooled by its bait. Sleeper sharks glift around Searching for the Angler’s sound. Crown jellies, in the Twilight Zone, Seek the Sleeper Shark’s home. The Chimera, on the other hand, Relaxes in the safety sand. The Six-Gilled shark, who is not rich, Eats a peanut butter and Crown Jelly Sandwich.
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