Our Story for Jorden & Jacob

by Steffenie | February 12, 2013
School Environment, Non-traditional Learner, Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving, Homebound/Medical
ORVA K12 has been incredible for my two boys Jorden who is 12 & Jacob who is 8! They have been in the school for 2 years now and I will never go back to a brick and mortar school. Jorden has struggled with his ADD and other medical issues that caused him to miss a lot of school and fall behind. Now since he has had this opportunity he has stayed caught up and is progressing very well in school! I'm so proud of him and even if he doesn't feel good he can do his work at home at his own pace with me helping him side by side which is amazing. Jacob has had a long hard road finally being diagnosed with Celiac disease and has been ill off and on and this has been wonderful for him to be able to get healthy and still do school. He has an incredible teacher the last two years Mrs. Colbert she is amazing we are blessed to have had her 2 years in a row. I will keep my boys in this school from here on out the teachers are amazing, the at your own pace is wonderful, and its just an overall great program! A lot of people try to downplay the online schools which is a shame because it has helped my children so much and is so much better than any other school they aren't getting left behind like in the traditional schools. I think people should really do their homework and if they do their children will succeed and do much better with this school! Thank you ORVA for everything and your wonderful teachers!!!
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