Gymnast and Fast Learner

by claire | February 12, 2013
Athlete/Performer, Advanced Learner, Math
I started k12 in 7th grade for many reasons. First, I am a competitive gymnast. I am at gymnastics for 4 1/2 hours every day. Getting all of my homework done before gymnastics was hard and left me little time for other activities. Next, I am a very quick learner. The pace at the school I was going to was very slow. I felt like I was wasting a lot of time sitting ther listening to someone talk. K12 has been awesome! It has helped me get a fantastic education and have time to spend with my family and excel in gymnastics. Next year, I will be going to high school, and I know that I am going to miss this program a lot. Thanks k12 @ CAVA for everything you've done for me!!
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