The sea side.

by Kayla | April 24, 2014
Poetry Contest 2014
Take a walk by the sea side. And look both near and far. For every where your eyes glance. There's beauty where you are. The golden sun is setting on a white and sandy shore. The waves are rising upwards in splendor and galore. And all your troubles melt away with the rushing of the wind. The old days coming to an end with a new one to begin. The foaming of the water as it crashes on the sand. With calming, blue serenity, both are hand in hand. And there's nothing I love better than when the sun does set. Reflecting off the ocean yet never getting wet. For the moon has waited all this time for its beauty to be shown. It quietly sits surrounded by stars, but yet still all alone. Though when the sun does slowly fade and the night light starts to shine. It chases after all the waves and shimmers in the night.
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